[Tutor] AttributeError: 'BezierPath' object has no attribute '_draw_solid'

Steven D'Aprano steve at pearwood.info
Sun Nov 19 19:23:53 EST 2017

On Sun, Nov 19, 2017 at 03:14:11PM -0500, Stephen P. Molnar wrote:

> >>I have written a short Python 3 script to plot three curves (one plot) of 
> >>data from a FORTRAN program.

Stephen, please remember that we are volunteers offering services for 
free, not paid consultants. If you want our help, you maximise the 
chances that we will do so by making things as easy as possible for us, 
rather than just dropping a big ball of mud in our laps and expecting us 
to sort it all out.

If we were charging by the hour, and you had an unlimited budget, we'd 
be more than happy to do all the preparation for you. But since we 
aren't, you are relying on our good-will to get answers. If you make it 
hard for us, and your problem looks boring, then you are unlikely to get 
much, if any, help.

Please help us to help you:

- If you get an error, copy and paste the ENTIRE error message, 
  starting with the "Traceback" line, not just the final line.

- Provide a MINIMAL set of data that exposes the problem, the 
  smaller the better. We shouldn't have to wade through hundreds
  of data points looking for the one which causes the problem.

- Simplify your code to the MINIMUM required to demonstrate the

- Make sure that the code you send us actually works, in the
  sense that it will run and show the error you claim it shows.
  If we cannot run your code, we cannot debug it.

- Ensure your code and data are ATTACHED to the email as separate 
  files, not copy and pasted into the body. We should be able to 
  save the files directly to our own computers without the risk
  of introducing formatting changes caused by going through an
  intermediate email format.

It may help if you read this:


It is written for Java programmers, but the principles apply to everyone 
regardless of the language they are using.

Thank you.


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