[Tutor] Need help fixing some code for a project

John Cocks johncocksbusiness at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 20:57:37 EST 2017

The task is broken down into three sections.
Section 1 - User Input
Section 2 - loop through the grocery list
Section 3 - provide output to the console

#Task: Create the empty data structure
grocery_item = {}

grocery_history = []

#Variable used to check if the while loop condition is met
stop = 'go'

while stop == 'go' :

    #Accept input of the name of the grocery item purchased.
    item_name = "Item name:\n"
    #Accept input of the quantitiy of the grocery item purchased.
    quantity = "Quantity purchased:\n"
    #Accept input of the cost of the grocery item input (this is a per-item
    cost = "Price per item:\n"
    #Create a dictionary entry which contains the name, number and price
entered by the user.
    grocery_item = {'name': item_name, 'number': int(quantity), 'price':
float(cost)}  -- errors usually occur here because of "quantity
purchased:\n line
    #Add the grocery_item to the grocery_history list using the append
    #Accept input from the user asking if they have finished entering
grocery items.
    print("Would you like to enter another item?\n Type 'c' for continue or
'q' to quit:\n")

# Define variable to hold grand total called 'grand_total'
grand_total = 0
#Define a 'for' loop.

for grocery_item in grocery_history:

  #Calculate the total cost for the grocery_item.
  item_total = number * price
  #Add the item_total to the grand_total
  item_total = grand_total
  #Output the information for the grocery item to match this example:
  #2 apple @ $1.49 ea $2.98
  print('number', 'name', 'price', 'cost')
  #print(price: %6.2f) -- errors happen here
  #print(item_total: %6.2f) -- errors happen here too

  #Set the item_total equal to 0
  item_total = 0
#Print the grand total

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