[Tutor] I am trying to create a list of object and want to display that list on the screen on my Tkinter screen

edmundo pierre edmundopierre at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 4 09:40:27 EDT 2017

I am writing a code where I am using a empty list and I will fill up that list with object. Then  I will show those on my Tkinter screen that I create. But when I run my code ,it crashes. Any help?

# Variable   a = Intvar()    a1 = DoubleVar()
#Create a function
def Answe():      A = a.get()      B = [ ]      C = a1.get()      while A > 0:             C = a1.get()               B.append(C)              A = A - 1

When I run this function about my program freezes. I do not know how to add element in a list using Tkinter.

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