[Tutor] I am trying to create a list of object and want to display that list on the screen on my Tkinter screen

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On 04/10/17 14:40, edmundo pierre via Tutor wrote:
> Hello,
> I am writing a code 

When posting code please use plain text. HTML gets mangled
so we can't see what your code looks like.(see below)

> where I am using a empty list and I will fill up that 
> list with object. Then  I will show those on my Tkinter> screen that I create. But when I run my code ,it crashes. Any help?

You haven't shown us any code that runs let alone freezes.
Also apart from the 'a' and 'a1' var types there is no
Tkinter involved.

> # Variable   a = Intvar()    a1 = DoubleVar()
> #Create a function
> def Answe():      A = a.get()      B = [ ]      C = a1.get()      while A > 0:             C = a1.get()               B.append(C)              A = A - 1

> When I run this function about my program freezes. 

It shouldn't do anything. You have only defined a couple
of variables and a function, but nowhere do you have any
code that does anything.

You need to post all of the code if this is not it.

> I do not know how to add element in a list using Tkinter.

This has nothing to do with Tkinter. You are using a
standard Python list:

B = []

so you use standard Python to append elements, which you
are already doing.


But that list will not be displayed anywhere because
you don't have any code to do so.

You need to create a Tkinter window with a widget to display
the list - it could be a Label, a Text widget or a Listbox,
or any of several other options. For a Label called myLabel
you would just assign the str() representation of your list
to the text property:

myLabel['text'] = str(B)

It all depends on how you want it to appear.

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