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   On 6 Oct 2017 7:41 pm, adil gourinda <rikudou__sennin at live.com> wrote:

     Thanks, Now it is more clear, So I have to wait for the next version of
     tkinter if I want someone to listen to me.

   Not at all, as I said, there is an active developers list. They will
   listen and advise whether it's something you can do, or something that can
   be changed in Tkinter or something you need to talk to the Tcl/Tk
   developers about.
   Alan g.


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     Tkinter is very much alive and has an active developers list. However
     Tkinter is just a wrapper around Tcl/Tk so there is only activity in
     Tkinter when there is something new in Tk. But both projects are going
     On 6 Oct 2017 12:45 pm, adil gourinda <rikudou__sennin at live.com> wrote:

       This link exists in "python library reference under the name "Tkinter
       reference: a GUI for Python", but after sending an email to them (I
       wanted to participate with some suggestions) I didn't get any
       response, So I thought that it is like a dead project, for this reason
       why I asked for an alternative.
       Sorry if my first message was not so clear


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       On 05/10/17 17:38, adil gourinda wrote:
       > Where can i find the reference documentation of "Tkinter"

       Tkinter is a module, not part of the language, so it is documented
       in the modules section. But the documentation is not 100% complete
       and for details you often need to look at the Tk/Tcl documentation

       Also there are several Tkinter web sites that offer additional
       information. One of the official web pages has links to them.
       This is probably the most comprehensive:


       And there is a PDF link on their web page.

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