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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at yahoo.co.uk
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On 12/10/17 22:29, Le Mar wrote:
> hi i'm wondering if anyone could help me with this exercise:

We can give you tips but we don;t do your homework for you.

>   1.  Read an integer number from the console, store the result in a variable n
>   2.  Read ‘n’ integers from the console and store them in a list
>   3.  Sort the list in reverse order – from highest to lowest
>   4.  Loop over the elements in the list and print them each on their own line to the console

Since you give the exact steps needed we have to assume
that there is some part of this that you don't know how
to do. Which step is proving difficult?

1) use the input() function and convert the string to an integer.
2) use a loop (and the same code as in 1) to collect the numbers
   in a list
3) lists have methods for sorting and reversing their contents
4) use another loop and the print() function.

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