[Tutor] How to test for the existence of a table in a sqlite3 db?

Peter Otten __peter__ at web.de
Sun Oct 15 12:10:32 EDT 2017

boB Stepp wrote:

> I was thinking ahead to a follow-up project, the chess rating db.  For
> this I had contemplated having separate sqlite3 database files for
> each school year instead of adding school year information to a single
> database.

Then you need to access multiple databases to see the full history of a 
student and you will end up with a lot of redundant information (name, 
birthday, contact information); if there's an error in the data it will 
typically only be corrected for the latest year, your users will come up 
with creative ways to copy data from one year to the next, introducing 
errors in the process...

In short: it will be a be a mess.

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