[Tutor] how to change the command "string" on a tkinter Button?

Steven D'Aprano steve at pearwood.info
Sun Jul 1 05:19:34 EDT 2018

On Sun, Jul 01, 2018 at 03:32:59PM +1000, Chris Roy-Smith wrote:

> Python is the first language I have 
> attempted since macro assembler for CP/M. Python seems to be another world.

Yes indeed, high-level languages like Python *are* a radically different 
programming experience than low-level languages like assembler. The 
fundamental execution and data models of the languages are *very* 

- assembler lives in a universe of bytes and words; there are few
  abstractions and you are dealing (very nearly) with the lowest
  level of flipping bits in hardware, or at least of moving bytes.

- Python lives in a world of big, complex abstractions like dicts
  and Unicode text and even objects as complex as "web server",
  and the fundamental operations are multiple layers away from
  moving bytes.

It's not surprising that this may require some re-adjustment of your 
mental model of how to program.

> It appears that I broke the code I started experimenting with, to try  
> changing the command, and that may have added to my confusion.

"Save As..." before engaging in big changes is your friend :-)

Even better would be to learn a form of VCS (version control system) 
such as Mercurial (hg) or git. Depending on the text editor you are 
using, it may have VCS integration available.


I see you are a fellow Internode user, like me. Which part of Australia 
are you in, and is your internet connection giving you as much grief as 
mine is?

I'm pretty sure that Internode is *grossly* oversubscribed. E.g. when I 
try doing a google search, I'll usually get "Waiting for 
www.google.com..." which then times out about six or twelve times on 
average before succeeding to connect, after which it is damn near 

I downloaded 2 GB of data in about ten minutes yesterday, not long 
followed by a 2K email that took *three hours* to leave my computer 
because the connection to Internode's mail server kept timing out.


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