[Tutor] how to change the command "string" on a tkinter Button?

Chris Roy-Smith chris_roysmith at internode.on.net
Sun Jul 1 06:33:27 EDT 2018

On 01/07/18 19:19, Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 01, 2018 at 03:32:59PM +1000, Chris Roy-Smith wrote:
>> Python is the first language I have
>> attempted since macro assembler for CP/M. Python seems to be another world.
> Yes indeed, high-level languages like Python *are* a radically different
> programming experience than low-level languages like assembler. The
> fundamental execution and data models of the languages are *very*
> different:
> - assembler lives in a universe of bytes and words; there are few
>    abstractions and you are dealing (very nearly) with the lowest
>    level of flipping bits in hardware, or at least of moving bytes.
> - Python lives in a world of big, complex abstractions like dicts
>    and Unicode text and even objects as complex as "web server",
>    and the fundamental operations are multiple layers away from
>    moving bytes.
> It's not surprising that this may require some re-adjustment of your
> mental model of how to program.
those big complex bits cut down on the amount of code needed to achieve 
a given task. :-)
>> It appears that I broke the code I started experimenting with, to try
>> changing the command, and that may have added to my confusion.
> "Save As..." before engaging in big changes is your friend :-)
yes, was supposed to be a quick experiment to test idea ;)
> Even better would be to learn a form of VCS (version control system)
> such as Mercurial (hg) or git. Depending on the text editor you are
> using, it may have VCS integration available.
I don't know anything about these tools, I use Kate as my editor for my 
programming. I usually give a new number to separate versions, I'm sure 
there are better ways, I just haven't gone looking for them yet. Idle 
only looks useful for CLI stuff.
> Off-topic:
> I see you are a fellow Internode user, like me. Which part of Australia
> are you in, and is your internet connection giving you as much grief as
> mine is?
I have had little trouble with Internode over the last 13 years or so. 
The other day is the first time I had a really slow download, went to 
another mirror in Western Australia, and all went as fast as I'm 
supposed to get (I have the slowest option of NBN, ( bronze 100) which I 
have never NEEDED extra bandwidth, it might be nice, but I don't use the 
sort of service which depends on good bandwidth, downloads can go all 
night for all I care). I'm not greedy though it's all very fast compared 
to dial up, or packet radio
> I'm pretty sure that Internode is *grossly* oversubscribed. E.g. when I
> try doing a google search, I'll usually get "Waiting for
> www.google.com..." which then times out about six or twelve times on
> average before succeeding to connect, after which it is damn near
> instantaneous.
I search with DuckDuckGo, and rarely have any response issue with my 
searches. I don't think they sell my search data.
> I downloaded 2 GB of data in about ten minutes yesterday, not long
> followed by a 2K email that took *three hours* to leave my computer
> because the connection to Internode's mail server kept timing out.
Your connection is a bit faster than mine.
I've not experienced any speed issues with the email server.

Regards, Chris Roy-Smith

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