[Tutor] RAD GUI Development (like Visual Studio/VBA)

Shall, Sydney sydney.shall at kcl.ac.uk
Sun Jul 1 05:50:46 EDT 2018

On 30/06/2018 19:21, Alan Gauld via Tutor wrote:
 > On 30/06/18 11:50, Shall, Sydney wrote:
 >>> And if you want to try using Jython or MacPython(?)
 >>> you can use the native GUI builders for those:
 >>> - Eclipse/Netbeans (Java)
 >>> - XDeveloper (MacOS) - I tried this once and it kind of works...
 >> Alan,
 >> Could you expand a bit on the use of XDeveloper.
 >> I have need of some such utility for my project and I use a MAC OS X.
 > I've only gone through the tutorial and made some tweaks
 > to the resulting code but it seemed to work pretty much
 > as usual for Cocoa projects using Objective C.
 > You layout the UI then connect the widgets to your code
 > (which is in Python of course).
 > The PyObjC project is here:
 > https://pythonhosted.org/pyobjc/
 > The tutorial I used is here:
 > https://pythonhosted.org/pyobjc/tutorials/firstapp.html
 > Note that it is old, but I only have an iBook from 2001
 > running MacOS Lion, so age wasn't an issue for me!
 > Thank you.
I shall spend some time studying the two sites and see what I can make 
of it.



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