[Tutor] Using pip

Hlavin, Matthew (GSFC-5460)[GSFC INTERNS] matthew.hlavin at nasa.gov
Thu Jul 5 12:03:00 EDT 2018

I just downloaded Python to work on a project at work. I'm writing a pretty simple program for data collection for an experiment. In order to get the data, though I need to install PyVISA. The website for PyVISA says I can install the library using the line:
$ pip install -U pyvisa
When I type this line, I get a syntax error for using the $, and when I remove the $, I get a syntax error for using the word install. I even tried just using the word pip and an error said 'pip' is not defined. I'm not sure if I'm not using some syntax wrong, or if its a completely different issue.

Thanks for any help and insight
Matt Hlavin

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