[Tutor] learn python to build payment processor

Anil Duggirala anilduggirala at fastmail.fm
Wed Jul 11 17:41:24 EDT 2018

> You don;t tell us your experience level.

Im not a complete newbie, I understand basic programming.

> If you can already program in any other language then just
> use the standard Python tutorial on python.org. 

I will do this, thanks!

>Then progress
> to the Django tutorial on their web site. That should
> be sufficient, however....

Will do as well, thanks a lot.

> Any of them will get you to a basic standard with the language.
> You then probably need to learn the basics of SQL - there are
> many SQL tutorials (including mine :-)

Will the Django tutorial guide me toward connecting Python and SQL? Could you share a link to your SQL tutorial or provide a specific one? Will these (SQL tutorials) pertain specifically to Python?

Thanks a lot Alan.

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