[Tutor] Questions about the formatting of docstrings

boB Stepp robertvstepp at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 00:34:11 EDT 2018

I am near the end of reading "Documenting Python Code:  A Complete
Guide" by James Mertz, found at
https://realpython.com/documenting-python-code/  This has led me to a
few questions:

(1) The author claims that reStructuredText is the official Python
documentation standard.  Is this true?  If yes, is this something I
should be doing for my own projects?

(2) How would type hints work with this reStructuredText formatting?
In part of the author's reStructuredText example he has:

:param file_loc:  The file location of the spreadsheet
:type file_loc:  str

It seems to me that if type hinting is being used, then the ":type"
info is redundant, so I wonder if special provision is made for
avoiding this redundancy when using type hinting?


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