[Tutor] SSL Error

Marc Tompkins marc.tompkins at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 12:58:27 EDT 2018

This is a general Python tutor group; I'm not sure anybody here can help
you with the OpenSSL package (I've definitely never used it myself.)  We're
all willing to help, but this might not be the right place to ask this

More to the point, though, when you ask questions on this list it's best to
just cut and paste BOTH your code and the actual error message/traceback;
from the bit that you've posted, it sounds like it might be as simple as a
typo, but we can't really tell without seeing your code.

On Mon, Jul 30, 2018 at 7:52 PM, Saket Mehrotra <mehrotra.saket at gmail.com>

> Hi
> I am trying to run import requests in a py file but I am getting below
> error  ssl.PROTOCOL_SSLv23: OpenSSL.SSL.SSLv23_METHOD,
> AttributeError: module 'ssl' has no attribute 'PROTOCOL_SSLv23'
> >>>
> I tried to execute below from the terminal but it still remains unresolved.
> sudo easy_install --upgrade pip
> I've also had to run:
> sudo pip uninstall pyopenssl
> sudo pip install mozdownload
> Can you please help me .
> Thanks & Regards
> Saket Mehrotra
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