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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at yahoo.co.uk
Wed May 16 13:14:32 EDT 2018

On 15/05/18 22:26, Mahamed Ahmed wrote:
> Please I would like you to help me solve the problem above 

We see no problem. this is a text only list so if you included
a binary attachment the server will have stripped it off for
security reasons.

Please repost the text of the problem description and any code
using plain text not HTML (since HTML will lose the code formatting)

> I also want to know how to sign up and get a online tutor for 
> this python course

We will comment on your code and answer questions but we
don't do one on one mentoring. Also we don't know your course.
But if you post any questions here we will do our best to
assist you.

> Here is what is supposed to be done:
> The prime numbers and their code has already been given but> what is need to be done is making the lines and correcting > it in a
organized way.

One of the first things you learn about programming is that
the more clearly you can explain the problem (even to yourself)
the easier it is to find an answer in code. Avoid vague and woolly

What exactly does "making the lines" and "correcting it in an
organized way" mean?
What do the lines look like?
What is organized about it?
How is it "corrected"?

English may not be your first language and if that is the case
try explaining it in your language first before translating
into English (or even into Python). The important step is
getting the requirement absolutely clear in your own head.

> If you run the code above, 

We can't see the code.

> just need to make the small lines and writing Line1,Line2,...
> at the left side of the list

So what does "make the small lines mean? How small?
What should they contain?

> Hope you understand what the problem is

Sorry, but without the original problem statement or
code and with only your description to go on it is impossible
to know what you need.

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