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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at yahoo.co.uk
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On 10/10/18 20:54, Mats Wichmann wrote:

>>> This is actually the concept of test driven development (TDD), which I'm
>>> not a huge proponent of personally, but kind of useful for this:
>> I'm curious:  What are the things you find less than satisfactory for TDD?

> "TDD as religion" seems to me to lead to an absence of thinking about
> overall system design, and system testing.  An excess focus on the unit,

I'll +1 that.

I believe in TDD in principle - or more accurately I believe in
thorough unit testing. Whether the testing drives the development
is another story with pros and cons of its own.

But the biggest downside of TDD, as often preached, is too strong
a focus on unit tests. There then comes an assumption that if
all the units work then the system must work. Which is not true
at all. Not even close.

So unit tests are essential, but they are a small part of the
overall testing regime needed to deliver any significant system.

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