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Sun Oct 14 11:08:00 EDT 2018

On 10/13/2018 4:25 AM, Mariam Haji wrote:
Your problem intrigued me enough to spend some time "fixing" your 
program so it will compile with no errors and run at least the initial 
case where I entered "shoot!"

Here are the problems I found: (line numbers refer to your original code)
- spelling error  return 'laser_weapon_armoury' - fixed
- line 122 there is no if preceding the elif - I added one
- line 160 returns 'finished'. There is no corresponding entry in Map.scenes
    - I added one and a corresponding class Finished.
- the logic for allowing 10 guesses of the code is flawed. It only 
allows 2 guesses.
   I will leave it up to you to figure out why.

In addition I
- used """ for all multi  line prints; a personal preference - it makes 
entry and reading easier.
- updated code so it will run under python 3. This involves:
   - changing print statements to print function calls
   - assigning input to raw_input for version 3
- added raise to Map.next_scene to handle undefined scenes

Try it out.

 > how do I create a keyword to exit the game mid way?

You don't create keywords. To support mid-game exiting I added an abort 
method to Finished. Use:

---------- program ----------
from sys import exit, version
from random import randint
if versison[0] == '3':
     raw_input = input

class Scene(object):
     def enter(self):
         print("This scene is not yet configured. Subclass it and 
implement enter().")

class Engine(object):

     def __init__(self, scene_map):
         self.scene_map = scene_map

     def play(self):
         current_scene = self.scene_map.opening_scene()
         while True:
             next_scene_name = current_scene.enter()
             current_scene = self.scene_map.next_scene(next_scene_name)

class Death(Scene):

     quips = [
"You died. You Kinda suck at this.",
"Your mum would be proud if she were smarter.",
"Such a looser.",
"I have a small puppy that's better at this."

     def enter(self):
         print(Death.quips[randint(0, len(self.quips)-1)])

class CentralCorridor(Scene):

     def enter(self):
         print("""The Gothons of Planet Percal #25 have invaded your 
ship and destroyed
Your entire crew, you are the only surviving memeber and your last
Mission is to get the neutron destruct a bomb from the weapons Armory
Put it in the bridge and blow the ship up after getting into an
escape pod

You're running down the central corridor to the Weapons Armory when
a Gothon jumps out, red scaly skin, dark grimy teeth, and evil clow costume
flowing around his hate filled body. He's blocking the door to the
Armoury and about to pull a weapon to blast you.
Do you shoot!, dodge!, or tell a joke? enter below.""")
         action = raw_input("> ")
         if action == "shoot!":
             print("""Quick on the draw you yank out your blaster and 
fire it at the Gothon.
His clown costume is flowing and moving around his body, which throws
off your aim. Your laser hits his costume but misses him entirely. This
completely ruins his brand new costume his mother bought him, which
makes him fly into a rage and blast ou repeatedly in the face until
you are dead. Then he eats you""")
             return 'death'
         elif action == "dodge!":
             print("""Like a world class boxer you dodge, weave, slip 
and slide right
as the Gothon's blaster cranks a laser past your head
In the middle of your artful dodge your foot slips and you
bang your head on the metal wall and you pass out
You wake up shortly after, only to die as the Gothon stomps on
your head and eats you""")
             return 'death'
         elif action == "tell a joke":
             print("""Lucky for you they made you learn Gothon insults 
in the academy
you tell the one Gothon joke you know
Lbhe zbgure vf fb sng, jura fur fvgf nebhaq gur ubhfr, fur fvgf nebhaq 
gur ubhfr.
The Gothon stops, tries not to laugh, he busts out laughing and can't move.
While he is laughing you run up and shoot him square in the head
putting him down, then jump through the Weapon Armory door.""")
             return 'laser_weapon_armory'
             print("DOES NOT COMPUTE!")
             return 'central_corridor'

class LaserWeaponArmory(Scene):

     def enter(self):
         print("""You do a drive roll into the weapon Armory, crouch and 
scan the room
for more Gothons that might be hiding. It's dead quiet, too quiet
You stand up and run to the far side of the room and find the
neutron bomb in it's container. There's a keypad lock on the box
Wrong 10 times then the lock closes forever and you can't
get the bomb. The code is 3 digits""")
         code = "%d%d%d" % (randint(1,9), randint(1,9), randint(1,9))
         guess = raw_input("[keypad]> ")
         guesses = 0
         while guess != code and guesses < 10:
             guesses += 1
             guess = raw_input("[keypad]> ")
             if guess == code:
                 print("""The container clicks open and the seal breaks, 
letting gas out.
You grab the neutron bomb and run as fast as you can to the
bridge where you must place it in the right spot""")
                 return 'the_bridge'
                 print("""The lock buzzes one last time then you hear a 
melting sound as the mechanism is fused together
You decide to sit there and finally the Gothons blow up the
ship form their ship and you die.""")
                 return 'death'

class TheBridge(Scene):

     def enter(self):
         print("""you bust into the bridge with the neutron destruct bomb
under your arm and surprises 5 Gothons who are trying to
take control of the ship. Each of them has an even uglier
clown costume then the last. They haven't pulled their
weapons out yet, as they see the active bomb under your
and don't want to set it off.)
action = raw_input("> ")
if action == "throw the bomb":
In panic you throw the bomb at the group of Gothons
and make the a leap for the door. Right as you drop it a
Gothon shoots you right in the back killing you.
As you die, you see another Gothon frantically try to disarm
the bomb, you will die knowing they will probably blow up when
it goes off""")
         if action == 'foo':
             return 'death'
         elif action == "slowly place the bomb":
             print("""You point your blaster at the bomb under your arm"
and the Gothons put their hands up and start to sweat"
You inch back to the door open it and then carefully"
place the bomb on the floor, pointing your blaster at it."
You then jump back through the door, punch the close button"
and blast the lock so the Gothons can't get out."
Now that the bomb is placed you run to the escape pod to"
get off this tin can.""")
             return 'escape_pod'
             print("DOES NOT COMPUTE!")
             return "the_bridge"

class EscapePod(Scene):

     def enter(self):
         print("""You rush throuh the ship desperately trying to make it to"
the escape pod before the whole ship explodes. It seems like"
hardly any Gothond are on the ship, so your run is clear of"
interference. You get to the chamber with the escape pods. and"
now need to pick one to take. Some of them could be damaged"
but you don't have time to look. There's 5 pods. Which one"
do you take.""")
         good_pod = randint(1,5)
         guess = raw_input("[pod #]> ")
         if int(guess) != good_pod:
             print("""You jump into pod %s and hit the eject button." %guess
The pod escapes out into the void of space, then"
implodes as the hull ruptures, crushing your bidy"
into jam jelly""")
             return 'death'
             print("""You jumo into pod %s and hit the eject button." %guess
The pod easily slides out into space heading to"
the planet below. As it flies to the planet, you look"
back star, taking out the Gothon ship at the same"
time. You won!""")
             return 'finished'

class Finished(Scene):

     def enter(self):
         print("We ended succesfully")

     def abort(self, reason='no reason given'):
         print("aborting - " + reason)

class Map(object):

     scenes = {
     'central_corridor': CentralCorridor(),
     'laser_weapon_armory': LaserWeaponArmory(),
     'the_bridge': TheBridge(),
     'escape_pod': EscapePod(),
     'death': Death(),
     'finished': Finished()

     def __init__(self, start_scene):
         self.start_scene = start_scene

     def next_scene(self, scene_name):
         scene =  Map.scenes.get(scene_name)
         if scene: return scene
         raise ValueError('unknown scene ' + scene_name)

     def opening_scene(self):
         return self.next_scene(self.start_scene)

a_map = Map('central_corridor')
a_game = Engine(a_map)

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