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Bob Gailer bgailer at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 07:26:06 EDT 2018

On Oct 26, 2018 6:11 AM, "Ben Placella" <benjamin.placella at maine.edu> wrote:
> I need to write code that runs a  cost calculating program with many
> different variables and I honestly don't understand it

Could you be more specific? What exactly don't you understand, or even
better what do you understand?

my code is:

How could you have written so much code without understanding it?

> beefmeals=int(input("Enter number of beef meals: "))
> shitmeals=int(input("Enter number of vegan meals: "))
> party=beefmeals+shitmeals
> print(party)
> if party<=50

Something is missing from that last statement. Can you tell what it is? Do
you know how to find out? Hint use help.

Hint 2 it is also missing from the elif and else statements.

> a=75
> print("Room cost $75")
> elif party <=150
> b=150
> print("Room cost $150")
> else
> c=250
> print("Room cost $250")
> roomtax=party*0.065
> print(roomtax)
> print("Beef Meals", beefmeals)
> $beef=(beefmeals*15.95)
> print($beef)
> print("Beef cost", $$beef)
> print("Vegan Meals", shitmeals)
> $shit=(shitmeals*10.95)
> print($shit)
> cost=($beef+$shit)
> grat=cost*0.18)
> print(grat)
> GT=(grat+$beef+$shit+(a,b,c))

There is a convention in Python that and all uppercase name is a constant.
This is not a requirement.

> print(GT)
> This is what the output is supposed to be:

I don't see any output here. Alan''s responses may help you figure that out.

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