[Tutor] Module (.py file) that behaves like package

Quentin Agren quentin.agren at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 13:36:56 EDT 2018

Hi Alan,

> That depends on whether you can foresee a use for importlib in
> your code.

Slightly disagreeing here. I think reading importlib source is a great way
of understanding how the python import system works  (if you don't want to
read C, that is). I think a learnt a lot and it helped me to understand
some frustrating errors I encountered in my day to day programming, for
example regarding module reloading (e.g. using autoreload in ipython).

I was more wondering if the example I pointed out was really contrived or
if this inconsistency in behavior could be an issue to fix.

>  "Did I really spend a week of my
> life investigating importlib?"

To quote Ella Fitzgerald: "It's ain't what you do, it's the wat that you do
it" ;)

FWIW In 20 years of using Python I've never used
> importlib in any of my real-world programs...
> I'm sure somebody has, but not me. So I'd spend
> my time investigating modules I may actually
> use, like itertools, functools, threading,
> multiprocessing or asyncio... Life's too short!

Definitely so much to learn...


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