[Types-sig] Re: PRE-PROPOSAL: Python Interfaces

Jim Fulton jim@Digicool.com
Tue, 01 Dec 1998 21:13:25 +0000

Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
> >>>>> "TP" == Tim Peters <tim_one@email.msn.com> writes:
>     TP> 7/16'ths of me too, but I believe the groundrules for the
>     TP> Scarecrow Proposal include "no language changes".  That leaves
>     TP> manual, or at best semi-automated, convention for now.  In a
>     TP> Python2 world, I doubt it would be more of an insanely
>     TP> protracted battle than usual <wink> to get a "defer" keyword
>     TP> added, provided it worked out in practice by hand first.
>     TP> Given "def push(self, thing): defer" we could peek at the
>     TP> bytecode today, note the senseless LOAD_GLOBAL of "defer", and
>     TP> simply rewrite the user's code for them <cackle>.
> An easy change for Python 1.6 would be to add something like
> NotImplementedError to exceptions.py and a defer() builtin function.
> The latter has some potential for existing code breakage, but since
> user definitions of that attribute will silently override the builtin
> one, it's probably minimal.  That might get us far enough along for
> 1.6 to play while leaving open a `defer' keyword later.
> So trivial to implement, I've attached a patch set (against my hacked
> 1.5.2 -- watch for fuzz factor).  Extremely minimally tested.  Here's
> what it looks like:

The Scarecrow implementation I posted earlier today provides this
functionality without any language or library changes.


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