[Types-sig] "Open-World" design using generic Java: Lesson for Py thon?

Golden, Howard GoldenH@littoncorp.com
Thu, 9 Dec 1999 17:48:45 -0800

I recommend you look at the paper "Safe 'Open-World' Designs in Java and
GJ," by Marco Nissen and Karsten Weihe,
ftp://ftp.fmi.uni-konstanz.de/pub/preprints/1998/preprint-066-02.ps.Z .

In the paper (Section 4), they distinguish two use scenarios for static type
safety.  In one use, static safety is of no benefit.  However, in the other
case, it will lead to a more reliable system.  I hope those of you who
question the value of typing will read the paper and consider their

(Note: In the paper the authors conclude that Java is deficient in meeting
the second use case.  They find that GJ, the generic version of Java
developed by Bracha, et al., has the necessary feature of parametric
polymorphism to be used this way.)

Howard B. Golden
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