Duplicate declarations Re: [Types-sig] PyDL RFC 0.02

Paul Prescod paul@prescod.net
Thu, 30 Dec 1999 04:44:49 -0500

skaller wrote:
> ...
> Here, there are TWO declarations of the same name.
> I don't think you can ban this, because it is not
> only likely to be a common case, it is likely
> to be almost EVERY case -- since many people
> will use a 'genpi' tool to extract embedded declarations
> into a separate interface file -- but won't remove
> the embedded declarations.

The virtue of the model that you described so succinctly is that there
is no reason to run "genpi" explicitly. It is run during the first pass
of the compilation FOR you. 

> Or perhaps I misunderstand completely, and what you are
> saying is that the type checker's work is exactly to
> check that the gpi names do not conflict with the .pi
> names?

That is also a reasonable argument and probably one I would tend toward
in future versions of the spec.

 Paul Prescod