[Types-sig] updated proposal (fwd)]

Greg Stein gstein@lyra.org
Thu, 6 Jan 2000 03:48:28 -0800 (PST)

On Thu, 6 Jan 2000, scott wrote:
> Are you feeling righteous enough that you think wherever we store the
> info now is where it'll be for next millenium?  It seems safer to take
> this approach even if it is unnecessary at the moment.

sorry, but... Yup :-)

hehe. couldn't resist, especially after a good night of several drinks :-)

Seriously, though... Yah. I am thinking of the long term. I get rather
peeved with the things that I feel are overly restrictive and not
well-integrated with the current Python model. I want to see extensions,
rather than a new, partitioned set of functionality.

The discussions on this SIG have been extremely enlightening. I have
definitely had to re-evaluate and reconsider some of my original thoughts.
There have been a number of things that I thought we shouldn't do, or that
were not Good And Right. I've tempered a number of my thoughts there, but
also firmed up a number of beliefs.

Writing a prototype has also been enlightening. I feel much more
comfortable with some of my recommendations -- what I "believed" was
workable, I've reduced to "done." [no, the tool doesn't do what our vision
of a type-checker does, but it has validated (for me) some of my thinking,
which I've found to be useful]

Back to your question: if we were to design for the next *millenium*, then
we would not get anywhere. Hell... even worse, we'd end up with Ada.

I'm not settled with the parameterization stuff because I haven't come up
with a syntax that I feel is natural and Pythonic. But the rest: hell yah.
It feels good, complete, and clean. My problem is that I doubt that I'm
explaining the "whole" effectively. The "whole" has snapped into place,
after the past several weeks of discussion and refinement. I see a path,
so I started to code a type-checker for that path. It is a prototype and
demo, to help explore some of the details and edge cases, but also to help
me to explain my thoughts ("go look at the code!").

Bah. I shouldn't write these things after drinking... but it *is* awfully
fun to do so... hehe...


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