[Types-sig] how to do a typecase? (was: Static typing: Towards closure?)

skaller skaller@maxtal.com.au
Tue, 25 Jan 2000 00:31:37 +1100

Tim Peters wrote:

> "The rules" are spelled out in the Haskell reference.  I downloaded the
> ocaml reference, and after failing to figure out *its* rules, bumped into
> this paragraph:
>     No attempt has been made at mathematical rigor:  words are
>     employed with their intuitive meaning, without further
>     definition.  As a consequence, the typing rules have been
>     left out, by lack of the mathematical framework required
>     to express them, while they are definitely part of a full
>     formal definition of the language.
> That's a real help <wink>.

Every release has improved typing. There's a small but responsive
mailing list, so that the rules are reasonably well explained
by asking the developers questions.

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