[Types-sig] Re: [Python-Dev] Revive the types sig?

Barry A. Warsaw barry@digicool.com
Mon, 12 Mar 2001 21:56:42 -0500

>>>>> "NS" == Neil Schemenauer <nas@arctrix.com> writes:

    >> I thought PTL definitely included a "template" declaration
    >> keyword, a la, def, so they must have some solution here.  MEMs
    >> guys?

    NS> The correct term is "hack".  We do a re.sub on the text of the
    NS> module.  I considered building a new parsermodule with def
    NS> changed to template but haven't had time yet.  I think the
    NS> dominate cost when importing a PTL module is due stat() calls
    NS> driven by hairy Python code.

Ah, good to know, thanks.  I definitely think it would be A Cool Thing
if one could build a complete Python parser and compiler in Python.
Kind of along the lines of building the interpreter main loop in
Python as much as possible.  I know that /I'm/ not going to have any
time to contribute though (and others have more and better experience
in this area than I do).