[Types-sig] Interfaces API

Paul Prescod paulp@ActiveState.com
Wed, 14 Mar 2001 23:59:35 -0800

We'll need to agree on an API for interfaces. My API is very simple:

interface Interface:
    """The shared behavior of interface objects"""
    def __check__(self, obj)
Michel's is a little more "feature rich":

        interface InterfaceInterface(InterfaceBaseInterface):
            This is the interface to interface objects that 
            are described in this document.   

            def getBases():
                Returns a sequence of base interfaces 
                this interface extends.

            def extends(other): # convenience function?
                Does this interface extend the 'other' interface?

            def isImplementedBy(object): # convenience function?
                Does the given object implement the interface?

		# convenience function?
            def isImplementedByInstancesOf(klass):
                Do instances of the given class implement
                this interface?
		# do you differentiate between required 
		# and optional names? I ask because it seems like it
		# would make sense to have docstrings and other 
		# metadata for optional methods etc.
            def names():
                Return the attribute names defined by the interface

            def namesAndDescriptions():
                Return the attribute names and description 
                objects defined by the interface

		# convenience function?
            def getDescriptionFor(name, default=None):
                Return the attribute description 
                object for the given name

		# I think deferred classes were taken out of the PEP
            def deferred():
                Return a deferred class corresponding to 
                the interface.

I'm surprised that you don't have the equivalent of my __check__. Given
an object don't we want a way to ensure that it really does have the
right names, methods with the right parameters and so forth? In my mind,
__check__ is the major feature required for runtime checks. The other
stuff is of lesser interest ot me.

Also, I wonder if an API could get into the core language with
CamelCaseMethodNames. Guido Isn't A CamelCaseGuyAfterAll. I really
prefer camel case myself but what's the point in fighting the BDFL on
religious issues? (I'll point out, however that camel case names would
have a consistent syntax for hasAttr and hasKey, which Python does NOT!)

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