[Web-SIG] Defining a standard interface for common web tasks

Bill Janssen janssen at parc.com
Fri Oct 17 16:51:50 EDT 2003


It seems to me that there are three basic modules which should be in
stdlib for server-side Python programming:

1)  A good CGI module.  This should allow clear access to the various
values passed in the environment, as Simon points out.  I think the
current "cgi" module isn't bad at this, but I'm sure we can find

2) A standard Apache plug-in.  Does mod_python fill this role?  (Should
this really be part of the stdlib?)  It would be useful if the APIs
used here were similar to those used in the API support.

3)  A standard stand-alone solution, but better than the three standard
servers already in the stdlib.  I been using Medusa lately, and rather
like its approach to things.

There are other pan-server things that need to be done, as well, such
as server-side SSL support in the socket module.


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