[Web-SIG] Defining a standard interface for common web tasks

Stuart Langridge aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Thu Oct 23 04:45:52 EDT 2003

Bill Janssen spoo'd forth:
> Simon,
> It seems to me that there are three basic modules which should be in
> stdlib for server-side Python programming:
> 1)  A good CGI module.  This should allow clear access to the various
> values passed in the environment, as Simon points out.  I think the
> current "cgi" module isn't bad at this, but I'm sure we can find
> shortcomings.

Not too many, though, I wouldn't say. I think that the cgi module
shouldn't be used much by people; it's a building block, some
infrastructure. Like, say, SocketServer -- you can use it if you want
low level access, but most people use something constructed upon it.
> 2) A standard Apache plug-in.  Does mod_python fill this role?  (Should
> this really be part of the stdlib?)  It would be useful if the APIs
> used here were similar to those used in the API support.

Like you say, mod_python is pretty much the only option, but I wouldn't
have tought htat it should be co-opted into the stdlib; how would it be
set up? I can imagine modules that *use* mod_python if you have it (or
does the stdlib have to be closed?) but not mod_python itself.
> 3)  A standard stand-alone solution, but better than the three standard
> servers already in the stdlib.  I been using Medusa lately, and rather
> like its approach to things.

This is a bit of a holy war sort of question, though, isn't it? Some
people will like Medusa, some will like Twisted...


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