[Web-SIG] some thoughts

Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy grisha at modpython.org
Thu Oct 23 11:17:26 EDT 2003

Hello all -

The first point of this message it to make it known that I am on this list
(partially wearing my mod_python hat) and listening attentively.

Second, I do agree with those who said mod_python does not belong in
stdlib. (Not unless Python becomes an ASF project or Apache becomes a PSF
project...). Mod_python is a lot more about Apache than it is about
Python, and it is far more complex than it would seem at first sight.

What I would really like to see come out of this SIG is an agreement to
work towards developing a set of standards, rather than a bunch of code.

The following things could be standardized:

1. "Publishing" a la mod_python's publisher or Zope's ZPublisher (Bobo)
2. Request/Response interface
3. Python Server Pages (Right now mod_python and webware have a similar
syntax, but not the same). Mod_python's flex-based PSP might actually be
more appropriately placed into stdlib, rather than be part of mp.
4. PSTL, i.e. XML-compliant tag-based server pages. AFAIK nothing mature
of this sort exists.


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