Fwd: Re: [Web-SIG] Client-side support: what are we aiming for?

Moof moof at metamoof.net
Fri Oct 24 10:50:36 EDT 2003

David Fraser wrote:

 > Actually HTML parsing would be fantastic for testing web 
applications, > so maybe that could be related to the Web API.

Actually, that is a very important point. Many python programmers are 
fans of Test-driven development. I'm currently developing an app with 
Webware and Cheetah, and find it very difficult to write tests for a lot 
of the stuff I do. This is mostly due to a huge amount of background 
work I need to do to set up an emulation environment first (make sure my 
request and session objects work correctly as far as I need them to for 
my testing, replacing the Page write and writeln methods, and so on) and 
even then, verifying a whole generated page is a pain.

So a standard HTML parser would be nice, as well as keeping TDD in mind 
when we design request and response (and possibly session) objects.

 > The parsing doesn't have to be very intelligent or do validation, 
HTML > syntax is fairly simple.
 > I think that does belong in the standard library.

Speaking of validation, a sort of standard form validation library would 
be nice: something to say "I'm expecting this value to be an int between 
1-31" or "I'm expecting this to be a string with the following legal 
characters" and so on. It's not that difficult to write yourself, but I 
seem to find myself reinventing the wheel every time I do. A standard 
"best practice" way of doing this would be wonderful.

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