[Web-SIG] So what's missing?

Thijs van der Vossen t.vandervossen at fngtps.com
Sat Oct 25 09:10:02 EDT 2003

On zaterdag, okt 25, 2003, at 14:51 Europe/Amsterdam, John J Lee wrote:
>> * Asynchronous fetch.  When working over the Plucker distiller, which
> [...]
> Nice, but not easy.  Would it not introduce a lot of new code?  There 
> used
> to be asynchttp and asyncurl libraries, I think, built on top of 
> asyncore.
> First (obviously) somebody would need to actually put the work in here.
> Second, would it be possible to do this without a lot of code 
> duplication
> between the current urllib{2,} / httplib libraries and the new stuff?  
> Is
> it worth it, when you can use threads instead?

This is already trivial with the asyncore libraries. If I remember 
correctly there is a nice example of this in Steve's 'Python Web 
Programming', but you might also want to take a look at 


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