[Web-SIG] Form field dictionaries

Moof moof at metamoof.net
Tue Oct 28 17:51:06 EST 2003

Ian Bicking wrote:

 > In reference to the rest of the discussion -- I think it's enough to 
say that some people want to distinguish (sometimes) between these two 
types of variables.  Simon is not the only one.  It should be an option, 
because it's not hard to do.  We're not telling people how to write 
their applications, we're giving them the tools to write their 
applications as they choose, and this is a valid way to write an 

+1 for the reasons stated. It's good to be able to distinguish.

On appeasement approach would be do a webkit-like thing. Currently in 
webkit you can choose to get stuff out of the submitted data (GET and 
POST are scrunched together) or out of the cookies, or you can just ask 
for request.value() (which is aliased also to request.__getattr__) which 
will look in both places and returns the first thing it comes to.

so how about a request.postvalues dict, a request.getvalues dict, and a 
request.values dict (or pseudo-dict) which will return value out of 
whichever. The main downside I can see with this is a long ensuing 
argument about whether GET should take precedence over POST or vice-versa.

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