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Fri Oct 31 11:45:04 EST 2003

On Oct 31, 2003, at 10:34 AM, John J Lee wrote:
>>   * WebDAV
> I plead ignorance.

I don't think urllib2 and WebDAV will work very well together, though 
maybe... in the end, a WebDAV interface has to be a lot more complex 
than a URL-fetching interface.  So even if WebDAV was built on urllib2, 
it would end up looking a lot different in the end.

Though thinking about it... for the most part a WebDAV client could 
*use* urllib2.  The most important things are just using different 
methods (PROPFIND, PUT, etc), and setting the body of the request -- 
these are probably already easy to do with urllib2.  Dealing with 
multiple error responses, and some of the other error responses that 
WebDAV defines, may be more challenging urllib2 (or not, I don't know) 
-- you can do compound operations with WebDAV, and so there may be an 
error message associated with a specific subrequest.  There's some sort 
of "multiple response" response code, but the actual responses are in 
the body of the response.  urllib2 could just do nothing and pass all 
the information on to the WebDAV client and let it reinterpret the 

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