[Web-SIG] htmlgen

Simon Willison cs1spw at bath.ac.uk
Fri Oct 31 11:49:16 EST 2003

amk at amk.ca wrote:
>>I'd recommend to all here to take a few moments and play with it, then
>>give feedback on any changes you think should be made.  No need to solve
>>this from scratch if we don't have to.
> ... well, except for the other 12 templating solutions that already exist.
> ezt looks very cute, but it's clear that no one has the same requirements
> for templating.  Let's just walk away from trying to choose one.

+1. Everyone's templating style is different. At work, we just spent a 
couple of days implementing our own having looked at over a dozen 
existing systems because none of them quite matched our requirements. 
Templating is the kind of problem to which there is nostraight forward 
solution, and I see no benefit of including it in the standard library 
when so many template systems are already available that cover so many 
different styles.

Simon Willison
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