[Web-SIG] htmlgen

Michael C. Neel neel at mediapulse.com
Fri Oct 31 13:22:03 EST 2003

> ... well, except for the other 12 templating solutions that 
> already exist.
> ezt looks very cute, but it's clear that no one has the same 
> requirements
> for templating.  Let's just walk away from trying to choose one.

Now that's a scary thought.  A problem that is common to several domains
is not addressed because there may be more than one way to address it?

Yes there are several template options out there, but how many can be
considered for inclusion?  Albatross (one I personally find to be
extremely useful) doesn't have much if any scope outside of html
templates, so it wouldn't be a good candidate.  PSP (python server
pages) also have a limited scope.  Going though the list and see which
systems are good candidates, i.e. those that really just provide a good
alternative to %()s, should produce a manageable sized list to consider.

Also inclusion of a template system doesn't preclude the use of any
other template systems, so I don't see the harm.  Python is billed as
"batteries included" so we should be making choosing python for the web
more than just a syntax preference.


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