[Web-SIG] Random thoughts

Greg Ward gward at python.net
Fri Oct 31 21:48:13 EST 2003

On 30 October 2003, Greg Stein said:
> Correct. The name isn't the important part of the PEP. That said, "web" is
> a big misnomer for [package containing] an http client library, but that's
> a bikeshed of an entirely different color :-)

Really?  I know "world-wide web" (capitalized or not) is a ridiculously
over-used, over-broad term, but what's the alternative?  If an HTTP
client library isn't about "the web", then what the heck is it about?

(BTW, whoever said that "web.client" and "web.server" are better names
than "web.http" is right.  I think.  So far I've agreed with every idea
I've seen on this sig, including the mutually contradicting ones.  ;-)

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