[Web-SIG] Random thoughts

Greg Ward gward at python.net
Fri Oct 31 21:54:58 EST 2003

>   * I oppose Simon Willison's practice of using the same variable
>     in the "GET" and "POST" part of a request, but I will defend to the
>     death his right to do so.  (But not in Quixote, where a narrower
>     definition of what is Right, Good, and Truthfull prevails.)

[Bill Janssen]
> I don't get it.  Any particular request only has one method, not two:
> "GET" and "POST".  Are you talking about for some reason
> special-casing these two methods in the Request class?  I think it
> makes more sense to do things generically:

Sorry, lame/fuzzy terminology on part.  AMK cleared it up nicely.

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