[Web-SIG] my view of python web app server

Taliesin Wang tali.wang at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 20:19:51 CEST 2004

I'm new to here,and my english is not good.so, forgive me if
grammer/spell mistake.

My view on python web app server:

1, Try to implement a app server in Java wayis not valueable. To go
this way, the best result we could archive is to make an "tomcat"

2, The advangtage of python , I think is in ORM. in java, we need to
do a lot of work to void strong type limitation, but in python, it
could be much more easier.

3, For high traffic website, cache is used to avoid heavy db
operation. For java, the operation of disk/memory is not flexable
enough. But in python,it's more easier.

>From ideas above, I suggest:

1, We go from ORM first, have a python version of hibernator first.
  As 80% of web programming is based on db operation(add/edit/remove a
record). these object could be named PWO(Python Web Object).
2, Leave the main space to those PWO, and treat
request/response/session concepts as "helper" class ,serve PWO.
3, highly intergratted db driver into App server.
(An embedded template engine is welcome,too).

the final goal is, the web app developper need not to know what db
they use, and what's the schema the database is. just write PWOs ,
deployee them, then orgnazie them by Business Logic.

Email:tali.wang at gmail.com

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