[Web-SIG] Pending modifications to PEP 333

William Dode wilk-ml at flibuste.net
Mon Aug 30 16:58:49 CEST 2004

"Phillip J. Eby" <pje at telecommunity.com> writes:

> So far, there has been surprisingly little comment on the
> PEP either from c.l.py or python-dev, so I'm going to take their
> silence to mean that the PEP is basically perfect, apart from the
> currently known issues.  ;)

First, thanks you (and the others) for the great works. 

Like a lot of people i think, i did my own modest framework, because
it's near my need and it's not difficult to do. I don't think it can be
a problem to still have a lot of framework in the community, each one is
very specific and it's not difficult to write his own framework "aux
petits oignons". But it's more difficult to write a server, everybody
make his hack on top of BaseHTTPServer and reinvent the wheels. It's
also because of the need to adapt his framework to BaseHTTPServer that
this server doesn't evolve in the lib std, the same for cgi.

So, when servers will follow this specification it'll be a breath of
oxygen ! I'll keep my framework and throw away my servers. You found a
really good point with this gateway :-)

William Dodé - http://flibuste.net

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