[Web-SIG] WSGI Utils & SCGI/Quixote.

Colin Stewart colin at owlfish.com
Wed Dec 1 02:06:34 CET 2004


(I've subscribed to the list so we can continue discussion purely on-

> >The only real problem in getting this to work was that wsgiServer.py
> >expected *every* URL under /demo to be registered to demo_obj.  I
> >changed the wsgiServer.py code to allow for partial matches & munged
> >the SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO variables appropriately.  I also added
> >REQUEST_URI because Quixote uses it for a few things; this should
> >probably be moved into QWIP.
> I think I'm going to have to call that point out in the PEP 
> somewhere.  Technically, the PEP requires that SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO be 
> set, but I think perhaps some folks have missed the implications of that 
> for the URL path space.

The clarification is good - it certainly wasn't clear to me the first
time I read it!

A quick question about the SCRIPT_NAME: If an application registers for
the path '/testapp/' should SCRIPT_NAME be set to '/testapp',
'/testapp/', or even 'testapp'?.  I've implemented the first one in my
latest version of wsgiServer, but I want to make sure that's correct.


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