[Web-SIG] Shameless self promotion, and serious question.

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Wed Mar 17 11:47:22 EST 2004

-> http://insom.me.uk/blog/Tech/Python/templating.writeback
-> Rather than come up with YAPWF (Python Web Framework), what would be
-> people's thoughts on stripping down Quixote to it's bare minimum (I'm
-> thinking, removing PTL and letting people use what they want;
-> TAL/Cheetah/"".join()) and that being a contender for the standard
-> library?
-> The code base is a joy to work with, so I'd have no problem doing it, if
-> it sounds like a reasonable idea? (In fairness, there's not a lot of
-> baggage to strip out!).

I like and use Quixote, so of course I'm in favor.

But I don't see any particular reason to push it into the standard
library over e.g. Webware, which the group I work in uses and also

These two frameworks support very different programming styles,
some of which may be better suited for some jobs, and some people, than

I'd be more interested in seeing a standardized connection system (e.g.
SCGI) than anything else.  Where to draw the line is a tough question,
but I think the http_request and http_response aspects of Quixote
(originally taken from Zope, ne c'est pas?) are quite useful and
could be made universal.


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