[Web-SIG] Shameless self promotion, and serious question.

Aaron Brady insom at iol.ie
Wed Mar 17 14:16:14 EST 2004

IB> What would the goal be in this? (I ask non-rhetorically)
IB> Or, coming from the other direction (from tabula rasa, instead of from
IB> quixote), what would you specifically bring in from quixote?
IB> I'd still love to see a standard request and response -- any request and
IB> response, as long as it isn't too terribly annoying (like FieldStorage).
IB> Besides the request and response, I suppose there is the publisher.  I'm
IB> less certain of its general applicability.

Well I was thinking about request, response and publisher, though now that
I think about it, publisher is not as general as I thought.

Quixote's req/res are based off of Zope, albeit a version from the distant
past, and I've found them to be pretty comprehensive. They could be
reasonable easily layered on top of CGI too.


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