[Web-SIG] Python Web Modules - Version 0.4.1

Ty Sarna tsarna at sarna.org
Tue Oct 5 17:24:15 CEST 2004

> > * web.auth     - Identity and identification handling. Users may have
> >  multiple access levels to multiple applications. Sign in and 
> > password reminder handling is built in.
> This could be middleware, though obviously it requires a lot of user 
> configuration.  If it's middleware you could share a single 
> authentication system with different WSGI applications.  Some 
> standardization in this case would be good -- starting with things as 
> simple as environ['auth.username'] holding the string username.  But for 
> now there's no standard, so you should use a custom prefix.

I think this should be environ['REMOTE_USER'], per the CGI spec, so that
same app could take auth either from the server (apache
mod_auth_whatever or equivalent in other servers) or from middleware. 

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