[Web-SIG] Re: Just lost another one to Rails

mike bayer mike_mp at zzzcomputing.com
Fri Apr 15 16:10:06 CEST 2005

> - "I agree completely, that's why I'm adding yet another framework to
>    the mix!"  (I'm waiting for someone to stand up at PyCon and say,
>    "Web App People's Front?  We're the People's Front of Web Apps!")

I think the term "framework" is becoming a little vague as well.  there is
the notion of "framework" as, the entire front-to-back approach to serve
HTTP requests via Python, then there is the architectural approach that is
used on top of an existing web API, and then there are templating
languages which have varying degrees of "pluggability" into existing

I know that I chimed in with Myghty as "well heres what I did!".  But
really, its 90% a templating language you can use with whatever "framwork"
you want, and 10% an architectural approach which you can use more or less
of.  In all cases it requires a web API of some kind and doesnt try to
replace that.   And as far as templating languages for Python, I had a
great need for it.  The only other powerful options for
python-embedded-html seemed to be Cheetah and Spyce, both of which did not
fit the bill for me.

I'm all for WSGI being as much of a "standard" as we should be embracing. 
But the Python community is a lot more varied than the Ruby one; people
are thinking way out in their own boxes and have their preferred way of
doing things (i.e. like people who only want to do python-generated
HTML)...instead of reacting to and imitating the Ruby community, we should
be presenting the world with our own community, where here are our
favorite ways of doing web applications, but there are several varieties
of how we do it.  In the Python world, you have to use your brain a little

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