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Shannon -jj Behrens jjinux at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 19:28:33 CEST 2005

If we get CherryPy (awesome, Robert!), Quixote, and Paste onboard,
I'll consider it a huge success.


On 8/12/05, Ian Bicking <ianb at colorstudy.com> wrote:
> Shannon -jj Behrens wrote:
> > Maybe I'm just ignorant (highly probable), but I'm really having a
> > hard time keeping up with the "configuration" emails, especially when
> > each of you is using slightly different definitions and trying to
> > reach slightly different goals.  Please forgive me for coming out and
> > stating this.
> No, not at all; it's not been going that fast, and I myself feel
> simultaneously over- and underwhelmed by the discussion -- it's dense
> hard to follow, yet indecisive :-/
> At this point I'm going to try to do some more formal refactoring in
> Paste of the configuration experiments I've done so far, and maybe bring
> it up again when that's more complete.  Or something; I'll keep reading
> if other people put out ideas.
> > In the meantime, I'd like to propose that we framework authors try to
> > start sharing our backend session code.  Let's just create a library
> > like Apache::Session
> > <http://directory.fsf.org/webauth/misc/apache-session.html>.  As much
> > as possible, I think we can make it framework agnostic, relying on the
> > framework itself to respond to callbacks for doing things like setting
> > session cookies and creating a database cursor.  Just like with WSGI,
> > the frameworks need not change their external APIs.  Let's keep it
> > simple and just make it a library.
> I think that would be useful.  Flup has a fairly decoupled session store
> (http://www.saddi.com/software/flup/ in
> http://svn.saddi.com/flup/trunk/flup/middleware/session.py).  Is there
> other current work that should be considered?  PythonWeb has a session
> module, but I don't know what its insides look like:
> http://www.pythonweb.org/projects/webmodules/doc/0.5.3/html_multipage/lib/session.html
> Paste has one too, but it's Not Very Good ;)  I started using the flup
> session, but I got lazy and never flipped the switch to make it the
> default.  There's been some discussion about sessions in the last few
> months on the Quixote list as well.
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