[Web-SIG] and now for something completely different!

Ksenia Marasanova ksenia at ksenia.nl
Fri Aug 12 23:42:52 CEST 2005

Op 12-aug-2005, om 23:08 heeft mso at oz.net het volgende geschreven:
> If a Quixote application were installed in Paste and used a third- 
> party
> session manager, the session object would have to:
>   - allow arbitary attributes.
>   - default .user to None.
>   - have a .set_user(user) method that merely sets .user.
> Otherwise people would have to modify their applications.

Actually I migrated lately few old applications from Quixote1  
"native" sessions to Flup Session middleware :)
Except from arbitrary attributes that I don't have, this is it:

from flup import session
from quixote import publish

def _get_user(self):
     if hasattr(self._user):
         if self._user is not None:
             # some app-specific code to get user from db
             return user

def _set_user(self, user):
     # user is SQLObject instance, we can only store ID
     if user is None:
         self._user = None
         self._user = user.id

def set_user(self, user):
     self.user = user

session.Session.user = property(_get_user, _set_user)
session.Session.set_user = set_user

class MyPublisher(publish.Publisher):
     def start_request(self, request):
         request.session = request.environ 
         publish.Publisher.start_request(self, request)

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