[Web-SIG] Session interface

Robert Brewer fumanchu at amor.org
Tue Aug 16 22:07:08 CEST 2005

Phillip J. Eby wrote:
> To put it another way, I see an opportunity here to
> educate developers about better ways of doing things,

I (and some of the other CherryPy devs) agree that there are better
ways, particularly when using a persistent server process.

> ...rather than to institutionalize wasteful
> ways of doing them.

The issue for us as framework developers is that the wasteful ways are
*already* institutionalized. Education is a worthy goal, but if it takes
5 years to convince a majority of Python web developers that they don't
need sessions, we need safe and strong implementations of sessions in
the interim. I think that if we chose to ship CherryPy, for example,
without any session functionality, we'd lose the very audience we want
to educate.

> But I realize that I'm apparently the only
> person who thinks that way, so I'll shut up now.
> (At least here, anyway; in general I'm still going
> to talk about sessions being Considered Harmful from
> both the scalability and simplicity perspectives.)

Please continue talking about it! [But as you say, probably not within
this thread ;)]. I never use sessions, and am interested in
communicating the benefits of that approach to a wider audience.

Robert Brewer
System Architect
Amor Ministries
fumanchu at amor.org

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