[Web-SIG] Session interface

Jonathan Ellis jonathan at carnageblender.com
Tue Aug 16 23:28:26 CEST 2005

On Tue, 16 Aug 2005 17:06:57 -0400 (EDT), "mike bayer"
<mike_mp at zzzcomputing.com> said:
> I also
> think server-side sessions are an easy place to store user preferences
> and
> permissioning information originally loaded from the database, as a quick
> and easy way to cut down on repeated database calls per request, which is
> not as cleanly represented as an extra few thousand characters sent back
> and forth with every request.

Now that's an example of when I think sessions are a poor solution.  IMO
caching objects from the database is the job for the, well, database
object cache. :)

They are similar but not identical.  For instance, while session data
typically expires after a certain amount of time, permanent data should
never expire unless invalidated by an update.


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