[Web-SIG] [Paste] Re: PasteDeploy 0.1

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Tue Aug 23 22:41:27 CEST 2005

Whoops, hit the send key before I had finished the response...

Michal Wallace wrote:
>    GET / = config:static_root.ini
>    POST /cms = config:filebrowser.ini
>    * /blog = config:blog.ini

One interesting thing about this sort of thing is, REST or no, you 
probably aren't going to do method-based dispatch on a server level, 
since it's hard to actually partition applications that way.  For 
example, you could almost put a transparent webdav layer on top of 
something else, except GET is overloaded, and you'd actually end up with 
some user-agent-based dispatch, which doesn't seem particularly RESTful.

But I can imagine using this deployment format as an internal format 
when setting up your otherwise-encapsulated application.  This is the 
way some of the regex-based dispatching frameworks work (like Django), 
or something like the Rails Routes port could work.  These require 
configuration, and the configuration we're discussing here is actually 
pretty reasonable for those kinds of systems.

When you are doing that, I'd guess you'd put the configuration in your 
package (in the .egg-info directory or elsewhere), and then create a 
little shell of a function that loads the application described by the 
configuration file.

Anyway, another use case to keep in mind; I'd thought about 
configuration files contained inside distributions, but I hadn't 
actually thought of a good reason for it until now.

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