[Web-SIG] Python Web Modules - Version 0.5.0

James Gardner james at pythonweb.org
Mon Jan 31 19:34:57 CET 2005

Hello All,

I'd like to announce the release of the Python Web Modules 0.5.0.
This development release brings WSGI support to the modules.

* Web Server Gateway Interface support - auth, error, database and session
   middleware and a WSGI Server.
* Licensed under the LGPL after discussions on the mailing list (but also
   includes software under other open source licenses which are probably LGPL
* Database layer supports foreign keys, joins and a pure Python database.
* New coding structure focused on environments and drivers.
* Documentation in various formats including PDF and CHM (Microsoft HTML Help)
* Many bug fixes.

http://www.pythonweb.org/       Download and have a play

What are the Web Modules?

The Python Web Modules are a suite of simple and easy to use Python components 
designed to allow developers to write Python CGI scripts or web applications 
with SQL databases, sessions, templates, email and authorisation functionality.

A key part of the project is the creation of documentation and examples to allow 
developers with less time or experience to begin Python web programming without 
having to read all the sources and comments from the very beginning.

The modules can easily be used on shared web hosting accounts running Apache and 
Python for example or with the built in webserver. They are designed to be 
easily accessible to beginners or developers currently using PHP or Perl whilst 
also offering lower level APIs for experts to create powerful dynamic websites.

Key features include:

* web.wsgi
- Full Web Server Gateway Interface Support

* web.auth
- Identification handling. Users may have multiple access levels to multiple
   applications. Sign in handling is built in.

* web.session
- Persistence using cookie or URL based session IDs allowing any object which
   can be pickled to be stored.

* web.form
- HTML Form generation and user input handling. Field objects available for HTML
   fields and the main Python types including date and time objects. Values
   returned as Python objects.

* web.database
- Portable SQL syntax, DB-API interface and database abstraction layer
   supporting MySQL, SQLite, SnakeSQL for cross-database programming. Types are
   converted. Multiple return formats including dict, tuple and object.

* web.database.object
- Object-relational mapper similar to SQLObject allowing transparent database
   manipulation using dictionary-like objects in Python code built on
   web.database. One and many to many mappings and automatic HTML form generation
   for editing records.

* web.error
- Enhanced error handling based on the principles of the cgitb  module. Handlers
   for file storage, browser output or email notifications and more.

* web.template
- Support for Cheetah, XYAPUT and Dreamweaver MX templates.

* web.mail
- Quickly send plain text or HTML emails.

* web.image
- Generate 2D pie, bar and scatter graphs in a variety of image formats.

* web.xml
- Simple XSL Transform.

* web.environment
- Create an environment for the applications.

* datetime
- Python 2.3 date handling compatibility module for Python 2.2.

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Best wishes,

James Gardner

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